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Transportation guide: vehicle rentals and taxi options

How to get through the city jungle

How expensive is Bulgaria?

Food, transport, accommodation, leisure and sport, salaries

Markets of Sofia: From food to antiques

A quick guide to the rich market ecosystem in Sofia

Medical Students On a Mission provide healthcare within Bulgaria and across the world, one screening at a time

Foreign and Bulgarian students reach out to those that cannot be reached

How to make the best out of your quarantine – Part 1

Now that we are stuck at home, what do we do with this extra time on our hands?

How to make the best out of your quarantine – Part 2

Our guide to spending your isolation time productively

Where can I learn Bulgarian?

Part 1: Online sources for learning Bulgarian

Grocery, meals and other home delivery services in Sofia

Directly to your front door: deliveries based in Sofia and Bulgaria

Private moratorium on loan obligations to banks in Bulgaria

Bulgarian banks may postpone payments on loans for 6 months

Education at home during coronavirus

A few tips on how to keep your sanity

One mom’s homeschool under quarantine schedule

In these unprecedented and chaotic times, it is more important than ever to establish a routine for your children.

How to pay your bills online

A guide to online payments for Sofia and Bulgaria residents