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Meet Joana Nikolova and Mila Milieva, creators of a comic book ‘Foreigners in The Motherland’

"I think that everyone who lives in another country should try to learn the language because you really become a part of the place way more."

Meet Open Sofia’s founders Giuseppe Di Benedetto, Anastasiia Dehtiarova and Manuel Gajo

How it all started and what we have in mind for the Bulgarian international community

Meet Social Entrepreneur, Bhushan Trivedi

On living through purpose and allowing a new country to steal your heart

Medical Students On a Mission provide healthcare within Bulgaria and across the world, one screening at a time

Foreign and Bulgarian students reach out to those that cannot be reached

Meet Dr. Will Buckingham and Dr. Hannah Stevens, founders of “Wind&Bones”

“It has been very easy to connect with great people and to make friends...”

Meet Student Aid Drop’s founder Praveena Tharmathas and co-founder Reem Ahmed

This female-led student NGO aims to make a difference in the current refugee crisis

Meet Clément Baulot-Suckov, founder of La Maison de Beauté

“You should try to understand things from the inside, and the ground up so that you have a more objective view”

Meet Eric David Halsey, creator of “The Bulgarian History Podcast”

Why moving to Bulgaria might be the best thing one can decide

Meet Yulia Matsaenko from Synergy Bulgaria

Volunteering to make a difference

Meet Emil Shekerdzhiiski, Founder of Networking Premium

A successful entrepreneur talks about why Sofia is an excellent place for new businesses

Meet Marta, founder of “Mamá española en Bulgaria”

How one Spanish mom started a new life in Sofia