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Freelance Business Month (1-31 October)

Online event

The Freelance Business Month is an initiative designed to unite European freelance ecosystem and to show the power of growing independent businesses. With the key focus on independent professionals in Europe, the event will last the entire month and be the epicentre of cultivating ideas, knowledge, skills sharing and learning new tools that enhance freelance productivity and efficiency. The event will take place during October, on an online platform, accessible to anyone, where attendees can join online sessions, workshops, masterclasses, present their own expertise, learn about new products, connect with each other via powerful AI matchmaking and initiate their own sessions, discussions or round-tables.

Open Movie Nights

Networking Premium Coworking Rakovska ulitsa „Georgi S. Rakovski“ 25, Sofia

Date: 27 October Doors open at 19:00 Screening starts at 19:30 So far we have screened three wonderful movies, each of them touching upon a topic we all can relate to in one way or another. The movies spurred lively discussions about home, creativity, networks, and social media. We got a chance to share our insights on such universal yet deeply personal issues as the need to connect with fellow-humans in creative ways, the blessings and the curses of social media, the feeling of belonging, the experience of loneliness, and the ambiguity of identity. Now we would like to take our quest for self-discovery and comprehension of different human experiences a step further. We want to screen movies that touch upon topics that might be not as relatable or familiar to everyone. Perhaps, they may even be controversial. By doing so, we do not intend to propagate any particular stance or idea. Rather, our hope is to expand our horizons of normalcy, acceptability, and intellectual comfort; and to learn how to relate to people whom we could potentially perceive as the "other", "the alien" based on their beliefs, worldviews, and identities. Movie nights: 🎬 Our goal is to create a space where we can gather, watch a movie together, and feel safe to express our thoughts. 🕘 We will start the screening at 19:30. We invite you to arrive at 19:00 to grab a drink, find a seat and get to know us. To support our events we are asking for a donation of 3 leva, or 5 leva with a glass of beer 💸🍺   On 27 October we will screen "I wish I was a bird", a diary of videos, photos, and words by Ali, who comes from Iran. The film spans three months of his time in Greece while seeking refuge and helping others do the same. It portrays his intimate relationship with other refugees and the volunteers who stand with them in solidarity Both movie and discussion are optional. Feel free to stay without participating in the discussion if you don't feel very social today.   *** Following the safety guidelines, we will apply the measures to ensure everyone's having a healthy and worry-free experience. In order to keep us safe and prevent COVID-19 from spreading, we invite you to bring your mask, keep a social distance of 2 meters and stay home if you don't feel healthy.