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Necessary information about quarantine in Bulgaria

The latest updates and guides to the current coronavirus situation

Thank you, Open Sofia Team!

2020 was a special year for everyone, for us - even more so

Everything you need to know about education in Bulgaria

A quick guide from preschool to university

How to get a driver’s license in Bulgaria as a foreigner

The necessary steps to take to convert your old driver’s license or to start a driving course

Can Bulgaria become a place for a safe multilingual and multicultural environment?

“You Are”, a project lead by Anna Thevenin, Cristina Idjilova, and Maria Volkova, aims to help and support victims of physical and psychological violence

Looking for a beautiful and convenient house in Sofia and Bulgaria?

See our Properties page for hand-picked properties for rent/sale for internationals in Bulgaria

A love letter to our Founder Giuseppe

From all Open Sofia Team, happy birthday!

Our favorite places to see the sunset from in Bulgaria

From the coast to the central regions, this country has many spots from which to enjoy a unique and relaxing moment at any time of the year

Most beautiful views of Sofia from rooftops

Here is where you can see Sofia from above

Who says science can’t be fun and educational at the same time?

Special reportage from Sofia Science Festival 2020

A Movie Night that makes a difference

Watch movies together, discuss, make friends, and create opportunities with Open Sofia and Networking Premium

Is there creative freedom in Bulgaria?

Writer and co-founder of Artist Tree Sofia Tom Edward Phillips shares his thoughts

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