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Balkan Book Group #2: The Physics of Sorrow by Georgi Gospodinov

Welcome to the 2nd meet up for the Balkan Book Group! This MAY be an online event or we’ll choose a bar/cafe…it all depends on Covid! Link for the meeting will be added closer to the time In this session, we’ll be reviewing ‘The Physics of Sorrow’ the 2nd novel by Georgi Gospodinov. The book is available to purchase (in BG and English) at Greenwich and Orange

What is Sofia city day about?

Citizens of Sofia celebrate the city’s day on 17 September

What you need to know about Bulgarian contemporary art

Siana Genovska from EXPO ARTCO19 talks about the upcoming open-air art exhibition and the impact of foreigners on Bulgarian culture

Darmon Richter: “Throw your guidebook in the bin”

Darmon Richter, creator of The Bohemian Blog, talks about local hidden gems

10 things to know before moving to Bulgaria

A guide to starting a new life in a new country

Do you think Bulgarians are grumpy? Think again

Mihaela Ilieva from "Who is Bulgaria?" will tell you where and how to find warm and welcoming people

Bloggers to follow in Bulgaria

Expand your everyday life with these inspiring people

Famous Bulgarian products that make for a great gift

Find a perfect souvenir for everyone

A to Z of vast Bulgaria

The things that even Bulgarians might not know about their country

Where can I learn Bulgarian?

Part 1: Online sources for learning Bulgarian

Our favorite restaurants that deliver now

Sofia is one of the best places for gastronomic experiences.

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