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How to move around in Bulgaria

A complete guide to transportation by bus, train, plane and car in Bulgaria

Experience Bulgaria online: Eastern Rhodopes

EXPERIENCE BULGARIA ONLINE: RHODOPE MOUNTAINS Register here:  Dear travellers, Do you miss exploring as much as we do? We are excited to invite you to the very first edition of Experience Bulgaria online – a charity event organised by Balcanic and Teach For Bulgaria. As per your request, the first topic we will discuss is the beautiful Eastern Rhodopes. In the comfort of your home, come with us on a virtual tour of the most mystic mountains in Bulgaria. Explore this amazing part of Bulgaria and support the work of Teach For Bulgaria! The event is open to all travel lovers and people who are curious about Bulgarian culture and traditions. For those who wish they could travel and explore every bit of Bulgaria starting from Eastern Rhodopes!  Why come?  ...

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Our favorite hiking spots in Bulgaria

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10 most beautiful streets in Sofia – Part 2

What to see when your explorer side gets restless

10 most beautiful streets in Sofia – Part 1

Where to take a walk if you’re looking for that authentic Sofia feel

Interesting towns and villages in Bulgaria

Part 1: Villages clustered in the western Rhodope mountains

Three best weekend destinations from Sofia

Living in a country for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that you have travelled through it all.

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