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Open Sofia – One big international family


What we do

The Open Sofia project serves the international community living in Bulgaria, foreigners and Bulgarians alike

We write articles, create videos, organize online and offline events. The platform also shares jobs, real estate listings and rentals, and other essential services for internationals. We work hard to make the community feel at home and provide our members with the most reliable information in English about day-to-day life in Bulgaria, from paperwork to leisure, from culture to relevant news.


Our mission

Our mission is to build a virtual international hometown for everyone loving and living in Bulgaria.



We collaborate with local NGOs, governmental and public associations and businesses to promote each other’s activities and create strong and valuable partnerships. 

If you want to collaborate, write to us at [email protected].


Our story

In 2015, Giuseppe created the Facebook group “Foreigners in Sofia & Friends.” He came from Italy to pursue a career in Bulgaria, but as an international in a new country, he wanted to connect with people who shared his experiences and challenges. The Facebook group is now the largest international online community in Bulgaria, connecting more than 30,000 people.

In 2016, the Open Sofia Foundation was created with the mission to support that community through cultural events, social meetups, and collaborations with various NGOs and associations in Sofia and Bulgaria.

In 2020, a team of passionate contributors launched the website. With it, we hope to answer the community’s questions about every aspect of life in Bulgaria: how to settle and find a job, what documents to prepare, where to study Bulgarian, what activities there are to enjoy in English, and more.


Our team

We have a dedicated team of writers, editors, photographers, developers, marketers, designers, business developers, legal advisors and producers. We are always looking for new people that would like to contribute as volunteers. We are now working on expanding the project to other cities in Bulgaria, so wherever you are, you are welcome to join! Open Sofia is unique because we are an international family supporting each other.


Our team members are:

Giuseppe Di Benedetto, Founder

Anastasiia Dehtiarova, Co-founder, Marketing and Partnerships Director

Manuel Gajo, Co-founder

Agita Jaunzeme, Lead Project Manager

Aleksands Eniņš, Tech Team Lead

Amélie Leclercq, Legal Adviser

Denitsa Gugova, Content Consultant

Bozhidar Ivanov, Marketing Intern and Writer

Denitsa Yosifova, Social Media Marketing Intern and Writer

Monika Stoyanova, Assistant Editor

Afif Hosseini, UX Adviser

Hamid Reza Darabi, Security & DevOps Adviser

Scott Green, Editor in Chief and Web Content Manager

Toni P. Lyubenova, Writer and Video Operator

Olena CytrynaEditor

Gabriella Permaul, Editor and Producer

Marta Valverde Ríos, Writer

Dobrinka Boeva, Writer

Claudia PecoraroWriter

Bonnie Theophilova, Producer 

Nikolay Mihaylov, Producer

Anna KerezsiWriter

Lindsay Martin, Editor

Lina Jarad, Editor and Writer

Alex Yordanov, Writer and Grant Adviser

Atanas Yonkov, IT Adviser

Bocho Bochev, QA Adviser

Andrea Vushkova, Writer 

Pierre Chesneau, Videographer and Photographer

Ilias Iatropoulos, Photographer

Veselin Marinov, Videographer and Photographer

Ilina Stanimirova, Writer

Mirela HarizanovaWriter

Finn Bergmann, Tech Intern