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Open Sofia – One big international family

Open Sofia team of professional dedicated contributors - a true international family in Sofia Bulgaria

Not every member is in this picture, but everyone became part of our family!

The “Foreigners in Sofia & Friends” Facebook group was created in 2015. It is now the largest international online community in Bulgaria, connecting more than 27,000 people from around the world.

The Open Sofia Foundation was founded in 2016 to support the community and develop an active network for internationals living in Sofia.

Thanks to a team of passionate and dedicated contributors, was launched in 2020. 

Our mission is to create an informational space, full of resources, for the international community in Sofia and Bulgaria. 

Open Sofia is a natural evolution of the Foreigners in Sofia & Friends Facebook group. With this website, we hope to answer people’s important questions about the numerous situations they face every day: how to settle here and find a job, what documents to prepare, where to study Bulgarian, what leisure activities to do in English, and many more.

Our team consists of members of the Facebook group. We are the community that asks and answers those questions. Open Sofia is unique because we are an international family helping each other.


Our beloved team members are:

Giuseppe Di Benedetto, Founder

Anastasiia Dehtiarova, Head of Content & Events

Manuel Gajo, Head of Technology & Business Adviser

Agita Jaunzeme, Lead Project Manager

Amélie Leclercq, Legal Adviser

Lindsay Martin, Lead Editor

Lina Jarad, Editor and Writer

Afif Hosseini, UX Adviser

Hamid Reza Darabi, Security & DevOps Adviser

Atanas Yonkov, IT Adviser

Bocho Bochev, QA Adviser

Georgi Hristov, Writer and Photographer

Irina Temnikova, Writer and IT adviser

Clabbe Bjurstrom, Writer and Moderator of Foreigners in Sofia & Friends

Ekaterina Totina, Writer

Sara Coll Lopez, Photographer

Neli Stoylova, Marketing Adviser

Toni P. Lyubenova, Writer

Andrea Vushkova, Writer

Galina Misheva, Writer 

Ilias Iatropoulos, Photographer and Event Organizer

Veselin Marinov, Videographer and Photographer


If you wish to be part of this project, write to us using our contact form (subject: Join the team).