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Author: Open Sofia

Necessary information about quarantine in Bulgaria

The latest updates and guides to the current coronavirus situation

How to move around in Bulgaria

A complete guide to transportation by bus, train, plane and car in Bulgaria

Volunteering in Bulgaria: Some practical information

If you are thinking of moving to Bulgaria as a volunteer, here is how to choose a project and manage the money you receive

Everything you need to know about education in Bulgaria

A quick guide from preschool to university

New Year’s Eve in Bulgaria

How Bulgarians send off the old year and meet the new one

Thank you, Open Sofia Team!

2020 was a special year for everyone, for us - even more so

How can young internationals in Bulgaria build a brighter future?

Promoting a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe with AEGEE Sofia

Christmas in Bulgaria

A mix of pagan customs, Christian traditions, and modern concepts

How a Bulgarian student in the UK feels about having more than one home

Meet Ilina Stanimirova, Open Sofia’s writer

How to move to Bulgaria for the UK citizens

Getting a residency permit as a student, self-employed, or worker if you are from the United Kingdom

Nikulden – Saint Nicholas’ day in Bulgaria

Bulgarians celebrate one of the biggest pre-Christmas Christian holidays on 6 December

Meet Bozhidar – Open Sofia’s writer and marketeer

Find out how spending five years in the UK has changed his perspective of life in Bulgaria