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Sofia Chooses: Your ideas for a better city.

Do you want to have a say in how Sofia will look tomorrow?

The talent behind: Reviving Bulgaria’s heritage with Dora Ivanova from the Buzludzha Project

What does it take to restore the treasured Bulgarian UFO?

What is Sofia city day about?

Citizens of Sofia celebrate the city’s day on 17 September

What you need to know about Bulgarian contemporary art

Siana Genovska from EXPO ARTCO19 talks about the upcoming open-air art exhibition and the impact of foreigners on Bulgarian culture

The 10 UNESCO Sites in Bulgaria

The internationally renowned beauty to visit on your next trips around the country

10 things to know before moving to Bulgaria

A guide to starting a new life in a new country

10 most beautiful streets in Sofia – Part 2

What to see when your explorer side gets restless

10 most beautiful streets in Sofia – Part 1

Where to take a walk if you’re looking for that authentic Sofia feel

6 books to introduce you to Bulgarian literature

Spend the hazy summer days with some of the best Bulgarian storytellers

Bloggers to follow in Bulgaria

Expand your everyday life with these inspiring people

Famous Bulgarian products that make for a great gift

Find a perfect souvenir for everyone

A to Z of vast Bulgaria

The things that even Bulgarians might not know about their country

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