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Kinomania film festival presents “Khan and Empire”

Historical revival of a classic, and what it means to be Bulgarian

Organizing an art exhibition in Sofia

Suggestions, tips, and inspiring stories

Artistic side of Sofia

Our favorite art galleries

Six more books to introduce you to Bulgarian literature

Dive into another six Bulgarian books. They will entertain you while expanding your understanding of the country and its people

Legends of Baba Marta

The legends behind Baba Marta and the martenitsa

Why Bulgarians love Baba Marta

What is all the hype about Baba Marta and the Martenitsa

New Year’s Eve in Bulgaria

How Bulgarians send off the old year and meet the new one

Christmas in Bulgaria

A mix of pagan customs, Christian traditions, and modern concepts

Nikulden – Saint Nicholas’ day in Bulgaria

Bulgarians celebrate one of the biggest pre-Christmas Christian holidays on 6 December

Sofia Chooses: Your ideas for a better city.

Do you want to have a say in how Sofia will look tomorrow?

The talent behind: Reviving Bulgaria’s heritage with Dora Ivanova from the Buzludzha Project

What does it take to restore the treasured Bulgarian UFO?

What is Sofia city day about?

Citizens of Sofia celebrate the city’s day on 17 September