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English-speaking vets in Sofia

The top five vets in the city. Plus clinics by area and vets who work 24/7

Taking care of your mental health as a foreigner

English-speaking psychotherapists in Sofia and other resources to take care of your mental health

Innovation academy 2021

Fostering student startup culture to create Bulgaria’s future entrepreneurs

Recycling in Bulgaria

A complete guide to getting rid of your waste sustainably. From plastic and paper to electronic devices, even including clothing and furniture.

Best banks for foreigners, according to Sofia’s biggest international community

5 options for personal or business banking in Bulgaria

Our favourite gourmet and international shops in Sofia

Grocery shops in Sofia that offer gourmet and luxurious treats from all over the globe

English-speaking doctors in Sofia

Where to seek help in case of medical need

How to move around in Bulgaria

A complete guide to transportation by bus, train, plane and car in Bulgaria

Volunteering in Bulgaria: Some practical information

If you are thinking of moving to Bulgaria as a volunteer, here is how to choose a project and manage the money you receive

How to get a driver’s license in Bulgaria as a foreigner

The necessary steps to take to convert your old driver’s license or to start a driving course

Everything you need to know about education in Bulgaria

A quick guide from preschool to university

How can young internationals in Bulgaria build a brighter future?

Promoting a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe with AEGEE Sofia

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