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Investor compass

We dissected Bulgaria’s regions to find the best place for your investment

Non-EU investors welcome

Bulgaria's MPs green-light long-awaited startup visa

Types of healthcare based on your needs

Whether you are an EU citizen or not, or a Bulgarian expatriate who wants to return home, you need to know how to proceed with health coverage

How to get a residence permit in Bulgaria?

Getting a residence permit in Bulgaria: from opening a business and working to marriage and studying

How to get a driver’s license in Bulgaria as a foreigner

The necessary steps to take to convert your old driver’s license or to start a driving course

Looking for a beautiful and convenient house in Sofia and Bulgaria?

See our Properties page for hand-picked properties for rent/sale for internationals in Bulgaria

Where and how to find a job in Sofia?

Our tips on getting a job in the Bulgarian capital

Where to buy furniture and decor items for your home

Your go-to places for design inspiration.

Best internet and mobile providers in Sofia

Opinions from the biggest international community in Sofia

How to move through Sofia: public transportation guide

Public transport: tickets, metro, bus, trolley, tram

Renting property in Sofia – Part 1

Renting your home in Sofia, from neighborhoods to prices