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New Year’s Eve in Bulgaria

How Bulgarians send off the old year and meet the new one

Christmas in Bulgaria

A mix of pagan customs, Christian traditions, and modern concepts

Sports you can do in Bulgaria this autumn and winter

There is life beyond skiing in Bansko and here we bring you some examples, from cycling in the mountains to climbing over an ice waterfall

Our favorite places to see the sunset from in Bulgaria

From the coast to the central regions, this country has many spots from which to enjoy a unique and relaxing moment at any time of the year

Most beautiful views of Sofia from rooftops

Here is where you can see Sofia from above

A Movie Night that makes a difference

Watch movies together, discuss, make friends, and create opportunities with Open Sofia and Networking Premium

Wondering what to do in Sofia tonight or on the weekend?

Check our Events page for the most interesting events for the internationals in Bulgaria

13 hiking trails near Sofia to try

Nature is all around us - in partnership with

Our favorite hiking spots in Bulgaria

Part 1: Easy to reach and less known hiking trails that you can take for day trips this summer

Interesting towns and villages in Bulgaria

Part 2: What places do Bulgarians visit in their own country? 

Interesting towns and villages in Bulgaria

Part 1: Villages clustered in the western Rhodope mountains

Three best weekend destinations from Sofia

Living in a country for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean that you have travelled through it all.

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